About RaptorBook

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What is RaptorBook?
   RaptorBook is a modular text formatting engine written in PHP. The engine can also make use of MySQL for added functionality. RaptorBook's core architecture is designed to allow it to support any ebook format, making it highly flexible. Each format is an add-on module which communicates with other format modules using the core's architecture, meaning that anyone can write a format module once they know the data structure.
Nov. 16, 2002 19:02 GMT

What can RaptorBook do?
   At the present time, RaptorBook supports ETDF, PGTXT, HTML, XHTML, and standard TXT formats. Using the MySQL module, RaptorBook can dynamically generate each format for viewing or downloading. To see what it can do, just browse through the library.
Nov. 16, 2002 19:03 GMT

Why use RaptorBook?
   The RaptorBook engine has many uses such as document conversion, archiving, and a search resource. RaptorBook's primary mission is to enable mass format conversion for Project Gutenberg's large ebook archive. While RaptorBook is not affiliated with Project Gutenberg, we hope to assist that community in it's efforts to bring digital books to the general public. RaptorBook makes it easy to create user-friendly documents for various applications by automating the conversion process, increasing the availability of Project Gutenberg's ebooks.
Nov. 16, 2002 19:04 GMT

What are future plans for RaptorBook?
   Our continued efforts will include adding a database search module and more format modules, such as Adobe PDF, Open eBook, Palm Markup, Microsoft Reader Markup, Microsoft Compiled HTML, and TEI-Lite.
Nov. 16, 2002 19:04 GMT