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Spectrum of the problems [treatment]

Game design encloses, covered to the whole process of the play development, all part duties, which for the creation of the play vision and the play world (together with which there to living characters and prevailing legitimacies) are necessary. Moreover telling and interactive elements are combined, according to play. Moreover, according to target group ethical and psychological aspects are considered and incorporated in the play planning. Here also the preparatory work in view of marketing aspects of the product (is the knowledge of the target group of central meaning) often count to the areas of responsibility of the Game designer.

Gamedev is a very broad complex of creating and "working" with a game. A lot of levels of creating a plot, lore, mechanics, characters; in addition, one shouldn't forget about the creation of paintings, clothes, development of landscapes, etc. There are a lot of people working on all of this to ensure that consumers get the best quality product, you can read more by contacting for help.

The result (products) of the Game design in the narrower sense is a group of written Design-Documents or play draughts. On this occasion, often the theoretical play concept walks along with a complementary Prototyping, i.e. of the development (technically, playfully and multimedia “easy” – this should be at least the aim) the play version with the help of which already to begin with a basic impression can be won by the later Gameplay. With the help of the prototypes the play draught is checked before his completion and is refined. Thus lacks of clarity and gaps can be found in the play draught already to begin with and remove, before the cost-luxurious implementing of the play version certain for the sales begins by other specialists (programmer, graphic artist, musician).

In spite of the theoretical character of the draught work and the rather prototype broads function of a perhaps moved advance version Game design cannot completely occur regardless of the later technical platform sighted in the final version. In particular in view of Usability and Gameplay the questions which seem maybe very “technical” first and a little relevant for play can be serious in her effects very well. (One considers, e.g., the atmospheric or control-related effects if in a role play an interactive 2D-was used instead of a 3D-world, or the economic damage if turned out that the achievement of the calculator hardware or network infrastructure of the players cannot simply serve the playful needs.) In general can be said that Game designers can also serve other areas of the play development (often programming or kind) to understand the backgrounds and the interfaces and communication protocols. Only a draught can be thereby moved in the play branch becoming more and more luxuriously.

Study and education [treatment]

A big range is necessary for successful Game design more differently of creative and social competence and an at least basic understanding of the technical possibilities of the sighted play hardware is essential.
For some years there is also in German-speaking countries the possibility, Game design formally as S.

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