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A textbook is a special form of a non-fiction book which is used on account of his didactically processed teaching materials and teaching materials for the lessons. Provided that textbooks contain cleared questions or several opinions with regard to a debatable question academically not yet finally, it is differentiated in some disciplines between the ruling [...]

Educational Travel

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Trip The title of this article is ambiguous. This article treats the locomotion, to other meanings see trip (concept purification) Bath trip Travelling trip Cultural trip The concept Trip (v. in Old High German: risan = get up, rise) meant for the purposes of the traffic economy the locomotion of one or several people for [...]

Educational Games

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Spectrum of the problems [treatment] Game design encloses, covered to the whole process of the play development, all part duties, which for the creation of the play vision and the play world (together with which there to living characters and prevailing legitimacies) are necessary. Moreover telling and interactive elements are combined, according to play. Moreover, [...]


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Under the concept Sport different movement forms, play forms and competition forms which stand mostly in connection with physical activities of the person are summarised. The word itself was borrowed in the 19th century by the English sport which again about the French on Latin disportare (scatter‘) decreases. For the people who pursue sport in [...]


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The concept Training or training stands in general for all processes which cause a changing development. First one understood by it only the „training and training of the horses“. [1] late was applied the expression assumed to the English usage for practise, training, course, continuing education or advanced training also in general. (in English to [...]


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As a supplement to the education in full time the legislator with the amendment of the vocational training law (BBiG) from the 1st of April, 2005 has created the possibility to make an operational education also in partial time. Therefore exists with legitimate interest also the possibility to shorten the education by the reduction of [...]

Education and Training

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As opposed to the more comprehensive concept of the education the professional training pursues practical intentions. Their educational objective lies less in the general and personal development, but rather in the standardised mediation of applicable skills which serves mostly the commercial professionalism. With the binary professional training in particular education companies and vocational schools (vocational [...]


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The computer games developed in approximately 50 years of rather technical attempts at universities to one of the most high-powered leisure forms of the 21st century. Already on the first computers there were attempts known plays to move as for example the draughts. Nevertheless, as the first computer game which offered new possibilities beyond well-known [...]

Bihavioral Finance

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Who has not booked already once a security in his persöhnlichen “strategical” continuance or in other words: Who does not know the problem of a share in the deficit which one does not want to sell, but furthermore holds. Behavioral Finance make clear with her book the authors to the investor that the emotional decisions [...]

Raptor Book

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The novel is set in the years between the fall of the Western Roman Empire (476 AD) and the advent of the kingdom of the Goths in Italy, until the death of Theodoric the Great (526 AD), very dark and chaotic years for Europe, characterized by political and religious situation is particularly confused. Done in [...]

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